"Hillary lost the election because she was a girl"
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2017-09-14 12:25:59 UTC
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Perhaps the most consistent lament that runs through all of this, though, aside from Clinton’s inexhaustible contempt for the president who beat her, has to do with sexism embedded in the electorate and in the media, which Clinton clearly sees as the one towering obstacle she couldn’t shove aside.

“I suspect that for many of us — more than we might think — it feels somehow off to picture a woman sitting in the Oval Office or the Situation Room,” Clinton writes at one point.

And in another blunt passage: “Again, I wonder what it is about me that mystifies people, when there are so many men in politics who are far less known, scrutinized, interviewed, photographed, and tested. Yet they’re asked so much less frequently to open up, reveal themselves, prove that they’re real.”

Clinton can — and does — point to plenty of evidence to suggest that attitudes toward women skewed the election against her. Start with the fact that the winner was a pretty blatant misogynist who incessantly mocked women for their appearances and who was caught on tape boasting about his forcible advances on them.
Jack Fate
2017-09-14 12:30:05 UTC
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aside from Clinton’s inexhaustible contempt for the president who beat her
He didn't win the election. He lost by over three million votes. He
*stole* the election and so did Nixon, Reagan and Idiot Bush. Ir's the
only way the GOP can "win" an election. The fact that you think he won
only reveals how stupid you are.
Tzatz Ziki
2017-09-14 17:06:01 UTC
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"...but I will no longer be posting here. No one here is going to change
so, basically, I'm wasting the little time I have left by posting to
this obscure little group full of stupid bigoted and racist Trump