The theme song of the Democratic Party
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2017-04-18 14:37:14 UTC
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Lawrence Akutagawa
2017-04-18 17:08:38 UTC
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***** This line separates my response from the foregoing ******

As can well be expected from the hypocrite "yesterday's news today" Village
Idiot, here again does the hypocrite Village Idiot deluge us all with his
most vile and certainly loathsome hypocrisy as he the hypocrite Village
Idiot once again submits a definitely "old news" item, this one with the
date of <gasp> June 7, 2014! Yet once again, what else can one - anyone -
expect from the Village Idiot?

In all truth and honesty, the deep and ugly hypocrisy of the hypocrite
Village Idiot knows no bounds, no limits, and definitely no restraints as it
runs amok all over the place!

And now - of course - the Village Idiot will perform his obligatory
Intellectual Coward ploy to run away yet again from the issue of his deep
and ugly hypocrisy, of course with his tail tucked well between his legs,
back into that deep dark despicable hole of his under his rock!