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2017-03-07 22:12:08 UTC
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Lawrence Akutagawa
2017-03-07 22:28:06 UTC
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***** This line separates my response from the foregoing ******

Yet again does the "yesterday's news today" hypocrite Village Idiot inundate
us with his horrible and loathsome hypocrisy as he the hypocrite Village
Idiot submits here a definitely "old news" item with the date of Apr 21,

Yet again does the hypocrite Village Idiot show us all that he the hypocrite
Village Idiot still spreads far and wide his deep and ugly hypocrisy!

Yet again does the hypocrite Village Idiot (of course with "mutual
agreement") perform for us another of his Intellectual Coward ploys to run
away from the issue of his deep and ugly hypocrisy once again, of course
with his tail firmly placed between his legs, back into that deep dark
devilish hole of his under his rock!