Smallest horse in the world-to be used as a therapy pony.
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2017-05-18 20:02:18 UTC
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Lawrence Akutagawa
2017-05-19 08:19:08 UTC
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***** This line separates my response from the foregoing ******

Yet once again does the "yesterday's news today" hypocrite Village Idiot
deluge us with his vile and ever loathsome hypocrisy as he the hypocrite
Village Idiot here submits a definitely "old news" item with a date of
<gasp> July 25, 2015!

As you can all see, the deep and ugly hypocrisy of the Village Idiot is
unceasing and runs amok again and again all over the entire place!

Now stand by for the very next performance of the Village Idiot's
Intellectual Coward ploy as he again runs away from the issue of his deep
and ugly hypocrisy, of course with his tail well positioned high between his
legs, back into that deep dark delirious hole of his under his rock!