Cliven Bundy: Feds don’t own Western states
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2017-10-11 11:31:59 UTC
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Cliven Bundy: Feds don’t own Western states
Posted on October 10, 2017 by Doug Knowles


Larry Klayman shares news in battle over land seized illegally by U.S. government

By Larry Klayman

Events important for preserving America’s Constitution will be soon unfolding. Nevada rancher Cliven D. Bundy’s federal trial will finally begin in Las Vegas, Nevada, for a 2014 peaceful protest in support of the Constitution some incorrectly called “The Battle of Bunkerville.”

In fact, there was no battle from the standpoint of the peaceful protesters. Rather, it was the federal government – then run by former President Barack Obama – that threatened the Bundy family’s lives, beat the heck out of the sister of Cliven Bundy, Tasered his two sons, violently kicked the family dog and killed many of their cattle, burying them in a mass secret grave.

The trial of Bundy by Obama holdover prosecutors who want to make a name for themselves will be the real Battle of Bunkerville to now restrain the expansion of federal power, particularly over ranchers in the West, under any administration.

In Clark County, Nevada, Cliven Bundy, and his family have been raising cattle on the Bundy ranch for more than 150 years, upon which grazing, water and other rights have been vested over time from the state of Nevada. The use of such public land for cattle grazing is common and permitted. Recognizing that the land is owned by Nevada, the Bundy family has dutifully proffered payment of the grazing fees to Nevada.

The federal government, however, falsely claims it owns the land and has demanded for many years that the Bundy ranch pay it instead of Nevada.
The Bundy's were paying the state of Nevada for grazing land.
The BLM says the payments should go to them.
Jack Fate
2017-10-11 12:09:53 UTC
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Cliven Bundy: Feds don’t own Western states
Neither does Bundy, the THIEF you adore because, well, you're stupid.
Tzatz Ziki
2017-10-11 17:09:53 UTC
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Post by Jack Fate
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