New Backpedaling by Trump: US warns Israel that annexing West Bank would trigger crisis
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George Core
2017-03-07 03:35:26 UTC
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JERUSALEM — Israel’s defense minister said Monday the US has
notified Israel that imposing Israeli sovereignty over the West
Bank would lead to an “immediate crisis” with the Trump

“We received a direct message — not an indirect message and not a
hint — from the United States. Imposing Israeli sovereignty on
Judea and Samaria would mean an immediate crisis with the new
administration,” Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman said at the
start of parliament’s foreign affairs and defense committee
meeting. “Judea and Samaria” is the biblical term for the West
Bank, land Israel captured in the 1967 Mideast war and continues
to occupy.

The defense minister was responding to a media interview with
lawmaker Miki Zohar, of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s right-
wing Likud party, in which he rejected the idea of a Palestinian
state and advocated for a “one-state solution” in which
Palestinians would have Israeli citizenship.

“The two-state solution is dead,” Zohar told i24NEWS, an Israeli
TV channel. “What is left is a one-state solution with the Arabs
here as, not as full citizenship, because full citizenship can let
them to vote to the Knesset. They will get all of the rights like
every citizen except voting for the Knesset,” the Israeli

“They will be able to vote and be elected in their city under
administrative autonomy and under Israeli sovereignty and with
complete security control,” Zohar added.

Lieberman said he received phone calls “from the entire world”
about whether Zohar’s proposal reflected the Israeli government’s
position. He said imposing Israeli sovereignty on the West Bank
would mean Israel would be faced with the financial burden of
providing Palestinians with health care and other benefits. He
called on the governing coalition to “clarify very clearly, there
is no intention to impose Israeli sovereignty.”

In a striking departure from longtime American policy, President
Donald Trump has not explicitly embraced a two-state solution to
the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, in which Israel would end its
occupation of the West Bank and an independent Palestinian state
would be established alongside Israel. Trump said last month he
would support whatever solution is acceptable to both sides.

That has raised questions about what kind of agreement could be
reached, and has led to calls by hard-line members of Netanyahu’s
cabinet to give up on the idea of a Palestinian state and formally
annex part or all of the West Bank to Israel. A single binational
state could require Israel to grant citizenship to millions of
Palestinians under its control, threatening its status as a
Jewish-majority democracy.
2017-03-07 14:00:47 UTC
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Which countries and near-countries want to destroy Israel? And why does the UN nothing about that treat to one of its members?
2017-03-07 14:02:26 UTC
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Post by w***@gmail.com
Which countries and near-countries want to destroy Israel? And why
does the UN nothing about that treat to one of its members?
Can you restate that in educated English?