Exposing BLM violence and extremism: Here's what's REALLY happening in Portland
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Black Lawless Marxists
2021-01-09 10:39:26 UTC
As protests in Portland, Oregon, have continued for more than 85
consecutive nights, tensions have continued to escalate. But
you'd never know it by listening to the mainstream media's false
narrative about "peaceful protests" against racism and police

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Black Lives Matter protests (riots) took an especially vicious
turn this week when a man was savagely beaten and kicked in the
head from behind. Protesters have taken to marching through
residential streets in the dead of night, shouting vulgarities
and shining lights to "disrupt the peace." When will the local
government step up and take care of its citizens, who are tired
of nightly attacks on their city?

On "Slightly Offens*ve" this week, host Elijah Schaffer reveals
what the mainstream media doesn't want you to know about what's
really going on in Portland.

Watch the video below:

Content warning: Language and graphic images:

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2021-01-09 11:17:59 UTC
Post by Black Lawless Marxists
As protests in Portland, Oregon
Who gives a fuck about Portland, lawless right-wing traitors stormed and
desecrated the Capitol, resulting in five deaths, including a police
officer who was beaten to death with a fire extinguisher. It's long past
time that these cretins get shoved back into the ratholes they came from.