Right-wing protesters chase and beat man before Oregon police intervene
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2020-09-08 16:08:32 UTC
By Danielle Wallace
Published 1 hour ago

At least two people were arrested Monday after Trump supporters
traveling from the Portland suburbs clashed with far-left
counter-protesters outside the Oregon State Capitol.

Ty Parker, 53, of Durango, Colo., was arrested on suspicion of
misdemeanor assault and first-degree intimidation. Trenton Wolfskill,
37, of Eugene, Ore., was arrested on suspicion of misdemeanor assault,
The Oregonian/OregonLive reported, citing an Oregon State Police
spokesperson. Both have since been released.

Videos posted on social media showed several dozen people wearing
military fatigues, pro-Trump T-shirts and bearing clothing and flags
labeled with the names of the far-right groups Patriot Prayer and the
Proud Boys, gathered on the steps of the Oregon State Capitol building
in Salem, Ore. Several in the group later rushed toward a slightly
smaller group of counter-protesters.

One man in a bulletproof vest beat a counter-protester with what
appeared to be a baseball bat, knocking him to the ground. A woman then
doused the fallen counter-protester with pepper spray. Another video
showed a group wearing military fatigues and carrying an American flag
rush toward a counter-protester, knocking him to the ground and
punching him before yelling gay slurs.

Uniformed officers with the Salem Police Department and the Oregon
State Police swiftly intervened and handcuffed the perpetrators.

2020-09-08 20:49:39 UTC
The law can’t help. Anarchy is the absence of law. If BLM supporters can ignore the rules why must other people obey them? If anonymous Antifa stormtroopers can attack at will why would anyone else agree to stay obediently passive?