The Shadow Government
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Stanley Zeeeee
2020-07-28 04:15:00 UTC
Hello to all:
Just an FYI for all of us to remember that the USA is really run by our shadow government, which has a 30-year plan starting in 2020, ending in around 2050 or so with a plan to have the people of the US slowly become violent and turn against each other until there is a final majority faction who are with the police who do not belong protecting us.

Already, riots are happening with great frequency on the West Coast of the USA, and after being initiated by the faction of the 'Shadow Government', they disappear, and they have done their job, whose main purpose is to eventually remove all of our rights as identified in our current Constitution, and install a new Social or Communistic system of government which we will all be 'puppets' to the new government, and any push back from those who do not like it then will be frowned upon to the point that those who are against the new government will simply disappear quietly into the night.

If any of us are against this 30-year plan, then we should not allow the police to be disarmed, but remove those police in any local, state, or Federal groups who are discriminatory against any race, creed, or religion and do what police should do...protect and serve, carry arms for their and our protection, and be trained to be the kind of protective and service groups that work for us, and not against any of us. The records of all police officers at any level should be made public, and those who have been identified as being trouble makers should be summarily dismissed, and all law enforcement agencies should be required to take and pass training and be tested periodically to ensure that they are being good citizens, doing a great job, so not even one falls through the crack, even at the highest levels of management, including top management of local, state, and federal agencies. Having a panel of good citizens look at the service records and complaints lodged against any law enforcement officer or management should be done, so there is no favoritism or nepotism going on to keep someone who has hate in their heart and soul will be out there pretending to protect us, but just looking to cause trouble.

We should all wake up to this 'Shadow Government', since they are composed of the most wealthy and powerful people in the world, with vast connections, but we, as the taxpaying citizens, can stop any 'Shadow Government', and make sure that they disappear, through our acts of kindness to each other, stop unnecessary rioting, allow each person to be what they want to be, as long as it does not impact any of us, and they keep their ideas away from anyone who is not in line with them, and keep up the peaceful protesting on a daily basis, and never ever fire the 1st shot or throw the 1st object at anyone.

This will keep those who are well paid to start terrible and ugly riots from even starting since if none of us shoot or throw anything back, they will soon give up since they will be ousted by the same people who want them to start the trouble and leave.

So let's stop the senseless rioting, bickering, and arguments that lead to people being hurt since this just fuels the fire for the next confrontation of the same people, who now have pent up anger, and wish to release it at the 1st chance they get.

This is no joke. Wake up America, and also Canada, the two final democratic based countries on the continent of North America.
Mexico is already controlled by the drug cartels, who are swimming in money that they are having trouble getting rid of, their profits are hitting the ceiling. The largest county in South America, Brazil has lost so much of their plush wildlife and rainforests, most of which are disappearing at an alarming rate since the President of Brazil has filled his pockets with all the money only machines can count since he allowed companies to 'lumber' off the Amazon for illegal contracts, and the United Nations has done NOTHING to stop him.

Losing that much of the Amazon has caused our children to scientifically lose the ability to find new drugs for new diseases in their futures, and for those who do not know, at least 50% of all new drugs to fight disease are found in jungles, and in some areas, the one last tree, or flower that held the key to the promise of that new drug which was in the Amazon, in now gone forever.

So, people let us get on track, now, early in the game, or we will lose the game before we think it is finished, and we are finished.

Any comments are quite appreciated.
2020-07-28 04:47:28 UTC
It’s in the genes. http://www.endit.info/Cycle.shtml

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