Trump's Mistake: Only Culling Violent Rightist Terrorists Can Save America
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The Great Cull of Rightists
2020-07-27 18:32:58 UTC
Anti-fascists linked to zero murders in the US in 25 years
July 27 2020

Donald Trump has made warnings about the
threat of antifa and "far-left fascism" a
central part of his re-election campaign.
But in reality leftwing attacks have left
far fewer people dead than violence by
rightwing extremists, new research indicates,
and antifa activists have not been linked to
a single murder in decades.

A new database of nearly 900 politically
motivated attacks and plots in the United
States since 1994 includes just one attack
staged by an anti-fascist that led to
fatalities. In that case, the single person
killed was the perpetrator.

Over the same time period, American white
supremacists and other rightwing extremists
have carried out attacks that left at least
329 victims dead, according to the database.

More broadly, the database lists 21 victims
killed in leftwing attacks since 2010 , and
117 victims of rightwing attacks in that
same period – nearly six times as much.
Attacks inspired by the Islamic State and
similar jihadist groups, in contrast, killed
95 people since 2010, slightly fewer than
rightwing extremists, according to the data
set. More than half of these victims died in
a a single attack on a gay nightclub in
Orlando, Florida, in 2016.

While researchers sometimes disagree on how
to categorize the ideology of specific attacks,
multiple databases that track extremist violence,
including data maintained by the Anti-Defamation
League, and from journalists at the Center for
Investigative Reporting, have found the same
trend: It’s violent rightwing attacks, not "far-
left" violence, that presents the greater deadly
threat to Americans today.

"Antifa is not going around murdering people
like rightwing extremists are. It’s a false
equivalence," said Beirich.

"I’ve at times been critical of antifa for
getting into fights with Nazis at rallies and
that kind of violence, but I can’t think of one
case in which an antifa person was accused of
murder," she added.

2020-07-27 21:55:41 UTC
Killings are beginning to happen in Dem voting cities. There is probably a temporary halt until after the election. I expect more killings after the election no matter who wins.