UCLA students urge replacement of top computer science professor
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2020-09-05 13:03:53 UTC
By Daniella Genovese
Published 16 hours ago

Students at the University of California Los Angeles are calling for
the replacement of a computer science department chair appointed just
weeks earlier, claiming he is "unfit to serve" in the role.

An online petition they started accuses Professor Eliezer Gafni of
showing "disregard for the racialized experiences of people of color in
the United States" and "disinterest in open communication between all
students and UCLA Computer Science administration."

Representatives for UCLA didn't immediately respond to a Fox News
request for comment.

Gafni had previously served as the interim chair for the department
before being named to the position permanently in August.

As of Friday, however, the petition to replace him had garnered over
1,600 signatures.

Although the petition commends him for his "exceptional professional
achievements and excellence in his academic work," signers claim that
he has not exhibited a "strong sense of ethical and societal
responsibilities or the collaborative skills – especially with regard
to clear communication and inclusivity – that are essential for this

Petition signers said Gafni told a student that calling the term "Wuhan
virus" offensive politicized the issue. Wuham is the city in China
where COVID-19 was first discovered late last year.

He further noted that “what is 'sensitive' to you might feel like PC
police to others," according to the petition.

2020-09-05 17:55:56 UTC
Remember the Cultural Revolution in Maoist China? This is a useful microcosm of the current culture war. Either other students show support for the prof or they lose the prof. Resist or submit. So it will probably be with mayors, judges, cops, etc.