Violent protests setting up Trump for 'landslide' win
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2020-09-06 15:20:43 UTC
By Angelica Stabile
Published 27 mins ago

Nationwide unrest and protest violence are giving President Trump a leg
up in the election, Center for Urban Renewal and Education founder Star
Parker told “Fox & Friends Weekend.”

“I think they're setting up Donald Trump for a landslide,” she said.
“He may even get the only state that Ronald Reagan didn't get after the
last bout we had with these types of anti-American sentiments. We're
talking about all of these organizations now, these peaceful protesters
taking on the tactics of the KKK: threats, intimidation, what next?”

Parker said she believes “chaos” will ensue until Election Day while
Americans in the cities and suburbs will watch as protests keep towns
boarded up.

According to Parker, the protesters' purpose in continuous unrest is to
“destabilize our society” and push the idea that the foundations of
America are inherently “evil.”

“They are after our founding principles,” she said. “They think that
America is inherently evil because it was rooted in Christianity and
capitalism and a constitution, a rule of law where we get to elect our
officials and they don't like this.

“I think that they don't mind Donald Trump being the president because
it would be much easier for them to continue this totalitarian push
under a Donald Trump presidency than under a Joe Biden presidency,” she


Someone agrees with me.
2020-09-06 20:18:16 UTC
See https://www.zerohedge.com/political/bipartisan-washington-insiders-reveal-their-plan-chaos-if-trump-wins-election
2020-09-06 20:37:20 UTC
On Sun, 6 Sep 2020 13:18:16 -0700 (PDT)
Post by me
When Trump wins this election, he will know what the American people
want, and he will end those riots.
2020-09-07 04:40:38 UTC
No, I don’t think that will succeed. Regular citizens will need to stop it. But here is another regime change conspiracy version.