Loser Dummyrats vote to impeach President Trump because they lost in 2016 and never got over it.
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Tennis Balls
2021-02-13 14:51:13 UTC
We are all better off for President Trump and his leadership.

Democrats are raking in the $$$$ and trying to stab him in the
back at the same time.

They don't give one whistler's fuck about you. All they care
about is whether you are stupid enough to vote for them.

Think about it.
2021-02-14 21:09:14 UTC
At what point do you decide clean water in Michigan, free education and
healthcare take precedence over increasing an already bloated budget?
At what point do you take stock of the leftists who bloated that
budget and kick their asses out of government and society?
Who's bloated the budget? The Republicans stupid tax cuts for the rich
have led to the largest deficits in history. Is anybody surprised?
Of all people to toss that out. And here I thought you were
smarter than that. Shows you what thought did.

Did you do any math? Did you think about the amount of money
that was sitting off shore doing absolutely nothing because
Obama's thieves were planning to tax it at 43% the moment it
entered the US Banking system / enconomy?

Guess not from your response. Cisco alone had over $100 billion
in foreign banks because of Democrats. Apple had easily four
times that.

I'm surprised at your refusal to object to continued tax
increases by Democrats to fund their bloated retirements. I
have a real problem with a government employee making more at
retirement than they did "working". The same goes for over-
compensated academics.

I'm surprised at your refusal to object to continued tax
increases by Democrats to fund drug research for less than 2% of
the US population who insist on engaging in abnormal sexual
practices. I don't see where it's my responsibility to
contribute a penny to keep those kinds of people alive when they
refuse to help themselves, or contribute to their drugs.

I'm surprised at your refusal to object to continued tax
increases by Democrats to fund free health care for illegal
immigrants who break our laws, spit in our faces and kill us. I
have a real objection to that. Where's my free healthcare?
Shouldn't I get mine first? Who is going to hold the state and
city governments accountable for some illegal killing your
family members? Not you apparently.

I ree the Republicans exercising fudiciary responsibility to
rein in spending by irresponsible people. My tax bill is lower
this year. I did two things to make that happen. I voted for
Trump and I moved out of California. Democrats have absolutely
no sense of responsibility or common sense. I can't believe
what they have done to that state. They've destroyed small
business, ruined what used to be the finest educational system
in the country, and placed illigal criminals above American
citizens. Thanks to Arnold Schwarzeneggers' absolute stupidity,
he handed them the means to stay in power forever.

Trump has accomplished 80% of what he said he would and improved
this country in the process. That's 79% than the last three
Democratic presidents have done.