Justice Department charges 2 with plotting to support Hamas, shoot cops in Minnesota
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2020-09-05 19:37:20 UTC
By Vandana Rambaran
Published 19 mins ago

Two American citizens with ties to a far-right extremist group have
been charged with trying to support Hamas, a Palestinian terrorist
group, and plotting violent attacks in Minnesota.

Michael Robert Solomon, 30 and Benjamin Ryan Teeter, 22, were taken
into custody Thursday night in Minneapolis, the Justice Department said.

Prosecutors say the men are members of a group called the Boogaloo
Bois, a faction of a subgroup known as the Boojahideen. They were
allegedly conspiring with Hamas to sow discord amid racial justice
protests in Minnesota by shooting cops, blowing up a courthouse and
killing politicians.

The defendants allegedly built firearm suppressors that they believed
they sold to Hamas and would be used overseas to attack Israeli and
U.S. forces. They also offered to fight as “mercenaries” for the group
to earn cash for new member recruitment and to buy land for a Boogaloo
training compound, prosecutors said.

Solomon and Teeter met with an FBI informant acting as a member of
Hamas and expressed that the terrorist group's mission aligned with
their own anti-government views, according to John Demers, head of the
Justice Department's National Security Division.

Authorities said the men hoped to execute a number of violent plans
targeting law enforcement and government agencies during the protests
following the death of George Floyd -- an unarmed Black man who died in
police custody after an officer kneeled on his neck for over eight

According to an affidavit, Teeter and Solomon came up with a plot to
blow up a county courthouse in northern Minnesota to “make a
statement," but then delayed that plan. Solomon later said: “I want to
murder a bunch of U.S. politicians. That’s the statement I want to

When the informant asked him to explain, Solomon said he would “build a
gallows ... in front of the Congress building in D.C. and just start
hanging politicians left and right.”

Teeter said he can shoot from a distance, adding, “You can't stop
threats that you can't see,″ the affidavit said.

2020-09-05 20:40:07 UTC
Evidently gov is coming under attack from different directions.
2020-09-05 20:47:13 UTC
On Sat, 5 Sep 2020 13:40:07 -0700 (PDT)
Post by me
Evidently gov is coming under attack from different directions.
Trump said it is people with a lot of money supporting these

He's in a position to know. I expect indictments for sedition and
possibly treason.