The Russian bounty scandal raises a terrible question: Is Trump a traitor?
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Mississippi Is Burning
2020-07-30 01:50:00 UTC
The Russian bounty scandal raises a terrible question: Is Trump a traitor?

We confront a moral and constitutional crisis unlike anything I have seen in
my 73 years. President Trump’s actions with regard to Russia are
exponentially more dangerous than Watergate or President Bill Clinton lying
about sex.

We must believe our own eyes, and they are showing us that our president is a
traitor to the fundamental principles of American democracy and may even be a
traitor to the country. He has facilitated an ongoing attack on our republic,
most recently by doing nothing in response to the horrifying scheme by Russia
to have American soldiers killed in Afghanistan.

There is a principle in science that when confronted with compelling facts,
the simplest explanation is probably the correct one. In the law there is a
similar doctrine: “The thing speaks for itself.” We must admit that the
simplest explanation for Trump’s conduct is the correct one.

Trump’s actions speak for themselves: He could be one of the greatest
traitors in the history of our country.
2020-07-30 02:21:55 UTC
Post by Mississippi Is Burning
The Russian bounty scandal raises a terrible question: Is Trump a traitor?
Trump is an idiot, a moron, a maroon.

Does that make Trump a traitor? No.

But Trump's rapprochement to Russia makes Trump an enemy to the CIA.

Trump's relationship to the pending Saudi Prince as Saudi King makes
Trump an enemy to the CIA.

Former CIA head John Brennen has said Trump will fail, and can't wait
for the fall... Publicly, on Brennen's twitter feed.

You remember CIA head John Brennen, don't you? Brennen was the CIA head
that approved torture, covered it up, lied about it, spied on his Senate
torture oversight committee, and then lied about spying on Senator
Feinstein's oversight staff, in what Feinstein called a Constitutional

So who sounds like the criminal, the traitor to American law and values?

Idiot Trump, or the flag waving self-righteous CIA?

Where do you think all these rumors like the bounty scandal are coming from?

From the CIA. From the intelligence community. From Brennen.


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