Certified (Black...) Moron gifted with California law license after flunking bar exam 47 times
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2018-08-10 02:58:21 UTC
A certified moron by the name of Maxcy D. Filer (Schmuck) of Los
Angles was allowed to take the bar exam forty-eight (48) times
before he passed in 1991. That’s right folks; you read it right,
48 times. Kinda gives a new meaning to being an "idiot,” right?

At the time he passed the bar exam, Mr. Filer was 73 years-old.

Since the bar exam is given twice a year, at best Filer spent 24
years taking the bar exam before he passed, meaning he began at
the age of 52. On the other hand, if he took it annually, he
would have flunked for the first time when he was 25.

What kind of fools would allow someone to take the bar exam 48
times? Even more troubling is the fact that the California State
Bar knowing Filer was an imbecile had the audacity to license
him and then foist him upon the citizens of Los Angeles.

Of course the State Bar didn’t require that Mr. Filer inform any
prospective client that he flunked the bar exam 47 times. Would
have been the humane and ethical thing to do, right?

Attorney Maxcy Filer’s Multiple bites at the Attorney Misfit
Apple Tree

As anyone with an I.Q. equal to or higher than the legal speed
limit in a school zone could have predicted, Max the Moron (M&M)
was disciplined twice for misconduct, which is as follows.

Max the Moron’s 1st Bite at the Attorney Misfit Apple Tree

In 2001, the Moron was disciplined for failing to perform
competently. Oh really Mr. Wizard? Think this came as a surprise
to the morons at the California Bar Court?

For this incompetent misconduct, the Bar Court gifted Max with a
private reprimand with duties. An unreliable source indicated
that Max was ordered to write “I’m a Moron” 500 times.

Max the Moron’s 2nd Bite at the Attorney Misfit Apple Tree

In 2004, Max was hired to represent a client in a divorce case.
He filed a dissolution petition but did not file the court
mandated proof of service. On that date, Max told the client he
would file a notice of entry of default in six months.

Fifteen months later, nothing had been filed and the client
decided to represent herself. Three times the court rejected her
efforts to file a notice of default; the court finally explained
to her that the proof of service was never filed by Max.


Who’s really at fault for the damages incurred by Max the
Moron’s unfortunate clients? Well, it’s the California State Bar
and Supreme Court that gifted with a license after he flunked
the bar exam 47 straight times.

To be fair to Max the Moron, an unreliable source indicated he
was able to pass the Wal-Mart greeter test on his 33rd attempt.
How cool is that? Only goes to prove that Max missed his
calling, right?

2018-08-10 04:11:50 UTC
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