Illegal immigration drives wages down...
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Bradley K. Sherman
2022-07-21 20:14:53 UTC
If a market must resort to such desperation, it will.
The market isn't responsible for securing the border.
The market is causing desperate people to try to get into the US,
legally and not.
That's a flawed argument.

Desperate because they couldn't keep their legs closed, have
four kids, and another one on the way.

Market gain: Unwed mother, no skills, no husband (No chance of
getting one either), four sprogs and one in the oven that will
all need child care at the expense of Americans, while mommy
works at McDonalds or scrubs toilets.

Desperate because they are such fuckups in thir own country that
they have to leave because they aren't wanted.

Market gain: Felon, paedophile, mentally ill, sexually confused,
unskilled, murderer, drug addict, homeless criminal for the most

Desperate with skills. Usually an incompetent "professional"
who has failed in their own country, can no longer get a job and
leans left. Markets/brands themselves as a "global activist" to
the USA.

Market gain: Screwup, incompetent, unwanted activist,
questionable ethics, enemy of the US Constitution and all laws
they disagree with.

Keep your trash.
2022-07-22 01:27:06 UTC
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Hi, Bradley! Still an idiot I see.

Democrats make me feel ashamed of being American.
Republicans make me feel ashamed of being human.