"The only person who will benefit from a US-North Korea meeting is Kim Jong-un."
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2018-03-11 15:09:36 UTC
Think about it
Tell it like it is.
2018-03-12 20:55:51 UTC
Think about it
Every Diplomat worth his salt is aware of the Asian Mind Game. There is a book on the market by that title written by an Asian American.
Ho Chi Minh's letter sent to President Truman was intercepted by the F.B.I. and never seen by President Truman.
Many worthwhile bills never make it to the House floor for a vote.
Party leaders compete with the President by creating a party line.
We have political parties in the U.S. Congress because human nature is corruptible and that needlessly creates "good ole boy" clubs and those cliques, not much different than those that form among students in high school, eventually form into political parties.
When Congress pays attention to its constituency and pass into law, necessary and needful, legislation they celebrate! That's why we call unnecessary division, outside the formation of committees to resolve particular issues, in the the U.S. Congress - A PARTY!
The rest of the time career politicians can be seen voting on legislation in which they themselves may legally own the corporate stock involved in the passage of the bill on which they vote.
Do you think anyone is going to vote against their own stock portfolio? Sending Martha Stewart to the big house for accepting financial advice from her financial advisers is great fun. PBS and it's animated dog Martha eats all her food from a dish -on the kitchen floor.
When JFK Jr. had Cindy whats-her-name dressed as George Washington
on the first issue of his magazine GEORGE, The Publisher was expressing the schizophrenia and cowardice that characterizes the modern "liberal" for its contemptuous regard for understanding history and its underlying realities.

Worse than meeting with the HEREDITARY DICTATOR, for maintaining the peace of the world "GLOBALIST", is not meeting with him at all.
Asians take seriously losing face or being slighted. I've always said, a nuclear holocaust will be a brainless monkey pressing a button. I'd hate to think of Mrs. Clinton walking through the rooms of the White House in Washington D.C. carrying a "political football"; like some bitch named Brenda, working in the city welfare office, with a button under the desk, to summon police at her whim.