Missouri AG calls felony charges against armed homeowners 'a political prosecution'
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2020-07-21 14:53:09 UTC
By David Aaro
Published 9 hours ago

St. Louis' top prosecutor faced intense criticism on Monday – including
from the state's governor and attorney general – after bringing felony
charges against the homeowners seen in cellphone video brandishing guns
when protesters appeared outside their home in a gated community back
in June.

Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt told "Fox News @ Night" Monday
that he is seeking to have the charges against Mark and Patricia
McCloskey dismissed, calling it "a political prosecution."

St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner, the city’s top prosecutor, said
the McCloskeys – both personal injury attorneys in their 60s – will be
charged with felony unlawful use of a weapon following the June 28

"It is illegal to wave weapons in a threatening manner -- that is
unlawful in the city of St. Louis," Gardner said in a statement.


We have a federal judge that refuses to drop the charges against
General Flynn, even after an appeals court ordered him to, because of
his political bias.

Now there's this prosecutor that's charging a man and wife with a
felony for protecting their home and their lives. It doesn't matter
the trespassers were armed and broke a locked gate to get in.

The prosecutor and judge are both black and both hate Trump.

Has it come to the point in this country that a person can't expect
justice to be blind, but will depend on the political beliefs of the
prosecutor and judge?
2020-07-21 16:28:06 UTC
Culture war continues.
2020-07-21 16:33:53 UTC
On Tue, 21 Jul 2020 09:28:06 -0700 (PDT)
Post by me
Culture war continues.
There is no war when one side gives the other everything they want.
That's called appeasement, and it never works.

The only thing the enemy understands is overwhelming force.