TRUMP SCANDAL!! REPORT: 12-Year-Old Trump Rape Victim ‘Maria’ Alive and Talking
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2017-12-06 23:36:14 UTC
REPORT: 12-Year-Old Trump Rape Victim ‘Maria’ Alive and Talking

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In the past, there have been allegations made about inappropriate sexual
encounters involving Donald Trump. Heck, Trump himself even admitted to
some of these, when he announced to the world that he likes “grabbing
women by the p*ssy”. While surely there are individuals who come forward
with information in attempts to extort celebrities, there is mounting
testimony from alleged victims pointing to a real possibility that Trump
was involved in some serious sex crimes.

Last year, a woman who went by the name “Jane Doe” came forward and filed
a lawsuit against Donald Trump, as well as convicted sex offender and
Trump confidant Jeffrey Epstein. She claimed that she was raped by both
men when she was 13 years old, and also witnessed both men sexually
abusing and assaulting other women. Jane Doe mentioned another 12-year-old
girl who went by the name “Maria”, and claimed that Trump had threatened
her by saying that if she tells anyone about the sexual abuse that she had
been subject too, she would “disappear like Maria.” Apparently 12-year-old
Maria was no longer seen at the parties which Epstein and Trump had been

Many people wrote off Jane Doe’s claims, saying that unless there was
factual evidence to back up the existence of “Maria”, there was no
legitimate corroboration to reaffirm Doe’s allegations.

Now, according to reports by Former White House Staffer, and veteran of 3
presidential campaign, Claude Taylor, Maria is still alive and well, and
better yet, she’s given a video interview to a major broadcast network.
Taylor tweeted the following this morning:

“I have important breaking news about ‘Maria’ who according to this
account (see image below) was sexually assaulted by Donald Trump. ‘Maria’
is not her legal name but she is alive and reportedly safe. She has given
a taped, on camera interview to a major broadcast network. That network is
holding interview for “legal reasons”. In the interview on camera she
confirmed facts as laid out in deposition. She was in fact sexually
assaulted by Donald Trump and her life and her family’s life were
threatened by him. All confirmed. This is subject of an ongoing criminal
investigation. ‘Maria’ remains in hiding. I will have more to say about
this story in hours/days to come.”

If true, Maria’s account could corroborate many facts that Jane Doe
provided in her deposition. It could also lead investigators to other
potential witnesses who could testify that Trump and Epstein were
actually taking part in these disgusting acts of sexual violence.

Later in the Day Taylor made yet another tweet, stating that a source
related to New York Attorney General Schneiderman says that Jeffrey
Epstein is trying to work out a plea deal on a human trafficking case
involving Trump Model Management. According to Taylor’s source, Epstein is
said to be offering “tapes” of significant investigation figures in
exchange for leniency. It is interesting to note that papers filed in a
2006 lawsuit have indicated that Epstein did in fact hide cameras around
his home and taped famous/influential figures having sex with minors.
These tapes could later be used as blackmail by Epstein if he so desired.
Given this information, one has to wonder if perhaps Trump is one of these
individuals who were taped.

Last week we reported on sources which claimed that Trump’s Modeling
Agency was under investigation for criminal activity. There has also been
reports that the modeling agency has been used to recruit under-age women.
It will certainly be interesting to see if and when this alleged taped
interview of “Maria” is released.

There is a lot of debate over whether Trump could still be held liable for
these alleged sex crimes, if legitimate proof does come forward, given the
fact that the statute of limitations has run up. The alleged victims are
trying to get around these limitations by using the fact that their
families were threatened as an excuse for not coming forward sooner. Only
time will tell how this plays out, but undoubtedly the public should see
or hear more about this soon.
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2017-12-07 00:05:59 UTC
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TOPICS:Claude TaylorDonald TrumpJeffrey EpsteinMariaTrump Rape
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