Bill Maher shows his racist colors
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What Democracy Means To Liberals
2021-05-31 22:28:56 UTC
White Progressives are one of the most racist elements in
American politics. They believe non Whites are their little pets
whom they can use for their amusement. Bill Maher is a perfect
example of of the racism of White Progressives. He issues a
threat to Romney supporters. If they vote for Mitt, Blacks will
come find them.

This is despicable and racist. Bill Maher acts as if Blacks are
his slaves whom he can order to commit acts of violence. The sad
part is Maher’s racist attitude will not be called out.


Racism is at the heart of Progressivsism. At it’s core the
Progressive ideology believes in the supremacy of Northwest
Europeans. Slavs, Jews, Mideast Christians, Africans, Indians,
Asians, Polynesians, Southern Europeans and their Latin American
offspring are all deemed inferior. The most notorious
manifestation of Progressive racism was the National Socialist
German Workers Party in Germany. However, this Progressive
racism has reared its ugly head in America as well. What is not
well known is that Jim Crow laws were promoted by the
Progressive movement of the late 19th Century. The American
Progressives believed in promoting Eugenics to eliminate the
undesirable people. In fact, the German Progressives (Nazis)
were influenced by their American ideological cousins!

In 1865, amid the final throes of the Civil War, Frederick
Douglass worried that the prospect of fulfilling the promise of
the Declaration of Independence, by finally securing to blacks
“the most perfect civil and political equality,” would founder
on the allure of policies that in crucial respects restricted
their natural rights — e.g., the rights to acquire property and
vote. Such policies, though intended to “prepare them to better
handle freedom,” would “practically enslave . . . the Negro, and
make . . . the [Emancipation] Proclamation of 1863 a mockery and
delusion. What is freedom? It is the right to choose one’s own
employment. Certainly it means that, if it means anything; and
when any[one] undertakes to decide for any man when he shall
work, where he shall work, at what he shall work, and for what
he shall work, he or they practically reduce him to slavery.”
The right to vote was even more important, because it was the
main means for blacks to protect all their other natural rights.
“Without this,” Douglass stressed, the black man “is the slave
of society, and holds his liberty as a privilege, not as a

Douglass’s concern was prophetic. Although the United States
took significant steps toward “the most perfect civil and
political equality” for blacks by adding the 13th, 14th, and
15th Amendments to the Constitution, these gains were short-
lived. Beginning in 1890, a wave of disfranchisement swept
through Dixie, as every southern state enacted literacy tests,
poll taxes, and other restrictions making it virtually
impossible for black men to vote. The impact of these
restrictions, historian C. Vann Woodward suggests, is well
indicated by Louisiana’s experience: In 1896 there were 130,334
blacks registered to vote; by 1904, there were only 1,342. The
disfranchisement of blacks was accompanied, he continues, by
“the mushroom growth of discriminatory and segregation laws,”
intrusively dictating a thoroughgoing separation of the races in
transportation, the workplace, hospitals, mental and penal
institutions, recreational facilities, voluntary associations,
etc. Two states even forbade the members of fraternal societies
to address fellow members of another race as “brother.”

At first glance, this might seem odd. Just when post-
Reconstruction America appeared poised to fulfill the promise of
the Declaration by bringing the law into fuller accord with the
equal, natural rights of man, the law became sharply more racial
in character, actually rolling back recent gains and adding a
host of new restrictions. Scholars frequently attribute this
about-face to a resurgence of southern prejudice. The
interesting fact that “the high tide of progressive reform
coincided with some of the darkest moments of segregation,
discrimination, and racial violence,” as historian Axel Schafer
puts it, would seem to have been just that — mere coincidence. A
classic instance, apparently, of correlation without causation.

But this was no coincidence. “In the South,” Woodward observes,
“the typical progressive reformer rode to power . . . on a
disfranchising or white-supremacy movement.” The very same
reformers who championed minimum wages, maximum hours, social
insurance, and other labor reforms not only generally opposed
extending the suffrage to blacks, but also promoted a “policy of
segregation” for blacks and various “degenerates,” including the
feeble-minded, epileptics, and “unemployables.” And they did so
not in spite of the principles animating their economic reforms,
but precisely because of them. The progressives’ support for
disfranchisement and segregation, in other words, was but one
practical expression of their philosophically inspired drive to
revolutionize the moral basis of American government — to
redefine the very meaning of human freedom and the rights to
which individuals are, as a consequence, entitled.

Read the rest: Progressivism, Race, and the Training Wheels of

The Progressive movement has created a racial caste system.
Anyone who refuses to play the role assigned them is smeared and
attacked. Progressives are racists and it’s time to call them
out on it. Look at the recent smears against Herman Cain and
Marco Rubio. The anti-semitism shown to Jewish Conservatives is
another example of Progressive racism.

Progressivism in all of its manifestations is evil.

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The 2 Year Anniversary of Killgore Trout’s N word stunt at Hotair
by Daedalus ( 217 Comments › )

Filed under Blogmocracy, Blogwars, Diary of Daedalus, Humor,
LGF, Open thread at September 18th, 2011 - 7:00 pm
Progressives accuse Conservatism of racism. Yet time and time
again, it’s the Left who engages in racism. A prime example is
what occurred 2 years ago today.

At the time Little Green Football was in undergoing an Iceweasel
lead great purge. Many long time commentators were being banned.
Despite this, some still considered Charles Johnson’s blog
credible. That changed in the eyes of many in one night.

Killgore Trout was part of the ruling cadre at LGF. He had clout
there and had people banned. One night he jumped the shark over
at Hot Air. He accused them of racism over the term Wookie.
Killgore then went into a racist rant. He used the N word and
admitted he hated Blacks.





These are just 4 examles of Killgore’s racist rants. You can
find it the below inks.

Killgore Trout at Hot Air Pt.I


Killgore Trout at Hot Air Pr.2


(Hat Tip: Chen Zhen)

The consequences for this action still reverberate today around
the Blogosphere. LGF was discredited and became a laughing
stock. People just read Charles for amusement and no longer take
his conspiracy based rants serious. Killgore continues to be the
Cheetos King’ s court jester.He has no moral authority since he
showed his racist colors.

LGF has never recovered from this incident.
2021-06-02 03:26:51 UTC
How quickly they turn ....

Mahr was Hero Of The Left when was dissing Trump.
But the moment he DARES suggest that the far left is
acting like witch-hunting ideological puritans they all
gang up on him. Suddenly he's a "racist" and "fascist".

Oh well Bill, YOU helped empower them ....

Now you see.