Trump Said We Must All Convert To Islam And Worship God
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Mike Weber
2021-02-15 17:34:40 UTC
God is growing angrier by the day as we forsake his wishes and pray to false
idols under the guise of fake religions like Christianity, Athiesm, Judiasm,
Hinduism, Mormonism and Scientology. All cults created by Satan.

All Praise is due to Allah, peace and blessings be upon all the Ambiyaa and
the Final Messenger, Muhammed May Allah's peace and blessings be upon him,
peace and blessings upon his companions who accepted and propagated this Deen
(religion) throughout the entire world.

The Question arises why is Islam the perfect way of life? The Answer can be
understood from the following:

Four blind persons were brought to an elephant. They touched it, each one at
a different place. The one touching the stomach said that this was a huge
round drum. The one who held the trunk said that it was a curved stick. The
next, who gripped the leg, said that it was a pillar and the last one, who
felt the ear, said that it was a huge leaf. Each one of them thought that
what he had felt was a whole elephant, until someone who could see informed
them that what they had felt collectively was the elephant and that each of
them had felt one part of the whole elephant.

Similarly, many people who can see will not be able to give the correct
information if they are placed in a pitch black room. The blind person's
inability to give proper information is because he lacks the internal
capacity to see. A person, who has sight, cannot do so if there is a lack of
external light. (i.e. darkness)

From this, we understand that for correct, valid and total information to be
gained, both internal and external light is essential. Similarly, two beacons
are essential for spiritual guidance:

Islam recognises that intelligence will always be guided by inspiration and
not vice-versa, because Deen (religion) is based on Wahi (inspiration) and
not on intelligence alone. There are so many other reasons and aspects as to
why Islam is the only way. For example, Islam and the family; by protecting
each member of the family, Islam safeguards the family unit. This in turn
makes society safe, secure and stable. A child develops emotionally,
socially, mentally and physically within the family unit. Divorce is highly
disapproved of and so is the intermingling of different sexes and indecent
dress which reveals parts of the body and leads to illicit relationships and
permissiveness. Islam classifies the role of the wife as a mother and not a
female for commercial enterprise. Islam liberated the female from slavery,
while the commercial world has plunged her into becoming a slave of
materialism and for the satisfaction of whims and fancies of the lustful. The
modern world has turned her into a commercial commodity and still demands her
dedication in her role as a mother.

In non-Islamic or irreligious cultures, the equation is:

Alcohol + drugs + female nudity = illegitimate offspring + divorce + homeless
children + aids
2021-02-16 03:47:06 UTC
No no ... that's Omar. DO try to keep this shit straight !
You look stupid when you get it wrong.