Arrest of democrat woman with DUI record spanning at least 6 states was 'one of the worst' ever, says Riverside chief
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Execute Habitual Offenders
2018-04-07 21:04:43 UTC
A 41-year-old woman who police said has had multiple drunken-
driving arrests across the United States was arrested on DUI
charges again Monday — this time in west suburban Riverside.

Tasha Lynn Schleicher, of New Hope, Minn., was found sitting in
her running car at a gas station in the 3000 block of Harlem
Avenue with an open bottle of Crown Royal whiskey in the front
passenger seat, police said. She told police she wound up in
Riverside after dropping off her 15-year-old son in Indiana to
party during spring break.

Schleicher was taken into custody in what Riverside police Chief
Tom Weitzel called “one of the worst impaired driving arrests
our agency has ever made.”

Weitzel said Schleicher’s record includes at least two DUI-
related convictions in Minnesota. Before one arrest in
Minnesota, authorities say, she was breastfeeding a child while
driving drunk.

Schleicher is charged in Riverside with two counts of felony
aggravated drunken driving, two counts of misdemeanor drunken
driving, failure to have vehicle insurance, driving with a
revoked license and transporting open alcohol while driving.

Since 2006, Schleicher has been arrested on DUI charges in
Kentucky, Wisconsin, Indiana, California, Oregon and Minnesota,
Weitzel said. She also was wanted on warrants in Nebraska, Idaho
and Oregon.

She is being held at Cook County Jail pending a court appearance
Monday. Her bail was set at $15,000, Weitzel said.

Riverside police responded to the gas station about 9:30 p.m.
Monday after a 911 caller reported a possible medical problem
with a woman who appeared to be passed out behind the wheel.
When police arrived, Schleicher was not wearing shoes and her
clothes were falling off her as she attempted to fill her 2005
Nissan Maxima with kerosene, not gasoline, officials said.

Schleicher told police she had 11 children but couldn’t find

After searching the area and interviewing witnesses, police
found no children and arrested Schleicher.

Riverside police later learned from Minnesota child protective
services authorities that Schleicher’s children had been taken
away from her because of the prior DUI arrest in Minnesota in
October 2017, Weitzel said. Minnesota police told local
authorities that Schleicher was arrested there while her
children were in the car, including the one she was
breastfeeding while driving intoxicated, Weitzel said.

Weitzel said Schleicher has been living as a transient, moving
frequently. One reason she has managed to collect so many DUI
arrests is that police departments do not have a national
database of all DUI arrests, the chief said. Many municipalities
choose to cite first-time DUI offenders with local citations,
which don’t have to be entered into a larger recording system.

“She is a master at gaming the system from state to state,”
Weitzel said.

During Monday’s arrest in Riverside, Weitzel told police she was
in Illinois because she dropped the only child still in her
custody, a 15-year-old son, in Indiana to party for spring
break. Riverside police are working with Minnesota authorities
to try to locate the boy, Weitzel said.

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