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Excerpt from an article on the rape and murder of the 14-year-old
Jewish girl in Germany:

"Her mother, Diana Feldman, used Facebook to post updates about her
daughter's disappearance. "There is nothing worse for a mother in the
world than not to know where her child is," she wrote on May 25, two
days after the teenager went missing.
On June 1, in the absence of any news, she posted an open letter to
German Chancellor Angela Merkel from the Feldman family, imploring her
to help.

According to the Central Council of Jews, Susanna Feldman was a member
of the Jewish community in the nearby city of Mainz. The council
learned of the news "with deep dismay," it said in a statement, but
warned against speculation about the motive.
The far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) quickly laid the blame at
Merkel's door, criticizing her decision to allow more than a million
migrants and refugees to enter the country in 2015. "Are you still
sleeping well, Mrs. Merkel?" the party wrote on Facebook.
The AfD won 91 seats in Germany's federal election last September and
became the official opposition party in parliament after running on an
anti-refugee, anti-Islam platform."