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2021-02-22 00:56:41 UTC
In late November of last year, I cautioned against the dangers
of letting loathsome leftists like Hillary Clinton and Lois
Lerner walk free from the prospect of investigation by an
administration which would not shamelessly shill for them.
President-Elect Trump was trying to offer an olive branch, but
any offer of peace to the left is sneered at as a sign of
weakness, rather as President Carter's good faith gestures to
the Soviet Union were snickered at in the Kremlin.

The nadir of honesty in the federal government was reached in
the hyper- politicized Obama presidency. The IRS was used
shamelessly to punish conservative groups. The Department of
Justice opened countless "cases" against utterly innocent
groups whose offense was to challenge the orthodoxies of
leftism. Indeed, it seemed at times as if the Obama
administration viewed the whole federal government as little
more than a scourge to be used against Americans who did not
follow the party line.

That is the one thing no free government can stand. When
government is the enemy of much of the people, then government
has no moral ground upon which to exercise its power.
Conservatives get that, and conservatives do not call for the
federal government, when in the hands of Republicans, to
persecute leftists.

The recent appalling revelations detailed by Thomas Lifson in
American Thinker that Susan Rice directed spy agencies to
report on the conversations between Trump and his advisers
creates an opening for President Trump, which he must seize if
he wishes to have a presidency that is not nitpicked to death
by petty leftists.

President Trump should direct the cabinet secretary of the
relevant federal agencies to review the actions of Clinton,
Lerner, Rice, and others who held high positions in the Obama
administration and who engaged in behavior that reeks of
dishonesty, malice, and abuse of power to report whether their
conduct appeared to violate federal law.

If so, then Trump should ask the attorney general to open
criminal investigations, with grand juries that would include a
very broad net, particularly trying to force the small fish who
lack the money to fight long legal battles and whose false or
misleading statement could expose them to intimidating

The logical development of this would lead to dozens of
indictments against corrupt former bigshots like Clinton,
Lerner, and Rice. The trials of these creepy and unpleasant
folks, none of whom is particularly bright, would become the
news story for weeks or months. Convictions would become a
major news story right up through the 2018 midterm.

Beyond that, convictions would go a long way toward unraveling
the myth that somehow Obama was an honorable president who did
not abuse his power and who behaved nicely even to those who
opposed him. The pattern of appointing and keeping crooks in
high federal offices and then defending or excusing their
misconduct would become an indispensable part of his legacy.

While it is clear what President Trump ought to do, it is not
clear what President Trump will do. As one egregious example,
Joshn Koskinen, who has given huge campaign contributions to
Democrats in federal elections and who shamelessly defended the
indefensible actions of Lerner and her gang, is still the IRS

If a lifelong Democrat partisan like Koskinen, who misled
congressional investigating committees and pretended that Lois
Lerner and her cronies did nothing, still has a high post in
the Trump administration, then why would any of these bad
actors worry at all? Indeed, the macabre spectacle of a louse
like Koskinen still the head of the IRS under Trump surely
emboldens the left, including those small fry that hold the key
to unraveling the crimes of big shots who served under Obama.

President Trump talks bold. It is time for him to act bold.
Draining the swamp was a central promise of his campaign. Now
is the time to fulfill that promise.

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Mitchell Holman
2021-02-22 03:03:06 UTC
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In late November of last year, I cautioned against the dangers
of letting loathsome leftists like Hillary Clinton and Lois
Lerner walk free from the prospect of investigation by an
administration which would not shamelessly shill for them.
If only the Trump administration
had investigated Hillary and backed
up it's promise to "lock her up".

Oh, wait............

Investigation into Hillary Clinton pushed
by Trump comes up empty after two years
JANUARY 10, 2020

ADepartment of Justice investigation into
former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
pushed by President Donald Trump is winding
down, finding nothing of consequence after
two years, The Washington Post reports.

Justice Department winds down Clinton
inquiry; finds nothing of consequence
Jan 9 2020