Footage shows TexMex criminal pointing gun at officer before being shot to death
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Jim LaFerry
2018-04-07 17:34:32 UTC

Footage released by authorities showed a Texas man pointing his
gun at a Houston police officer before being shot to death on

The man, Marco Antonio Saavedra, 44, was pulled over in
Pasadena, Texas, after running a stop sign Thursday when he
ignored officers’ request to stay in his vehicle. The video
showed Saavedra getting out of his white sedan.

Saavedra can be heard saying, “What did I do” as he stepped out
of his vehicle and stood up.

The officer told Saavedra three times to “stay in the vehicle”
and then told him twice to “show me your hands.” Saavedra had
his right hand behind his back as he stood next to his car.

Saavedra then leaned back into his car before drawing a handgun
and pointing it toward the officer. The officer fired several
times, hitting Saavedra on the left side of his body.

The driver is seen stumbling around the street before raising
his gun a second time. The officer fired several more times,
hitting Saavedra, who then fell onto the pavement. The officer
also hit the passenger window of his police cruiser with a

It was not immediately clear if Saavedra fired any shots.

The Pasadena Police Department identified the officer involved
in the shooting as Marc Adams, 40, a 13-year veteran of the
force, Click 2 Houston reported. He has been placed on
administrative leave for several days.

Pasadena Police Department Asst. Chief Josh Bruegger said Adams
was “obviously shaken up.”

"Anytime an officer is placed in a position where he has to take
somebody's life it's a stressful situation," Bruegger said.
"It's unfortunate the officer was placed in the position but,
when the suspect points a weapon directly at the officer the
officer really has no choice but to defend himself."

Bruegger told reporters Thursday the shooting appeared justified
but the case would be presented to a grand jury.

Pasadena Police spokesman Vance Mitchell said Saavedra had
arrest warrants on aggravated assault charges and for violating
his bond. Court records show Saavedra, from Houston, had been
accused of assaulting his wife on at least two occasions. Police
said the gun Saavedra had was reported stolen.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Rich Keebler
2018-04-07 18:35:30 UTC
Post by Jim LaFerry
Footage released by authorities showed a Texas man pointing his
gun at a Houston police officer before being shot to death on
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